Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Congrats to the FINAL Batch of Winners for the UnGeek Holiday...

Congratulations to our last batch of lucky participants! A Winner is YOU! Check to see if you’ve won in our last draw for the raffle!

3 games you’ll want to play with your Playstation 4 Ultimate...

Got a Playstation 4 but don't know what games to play? Check out the 3 games we'd recommend to play on your brand spanking new PS4! Don't have a PS4? We've got you covered too, read on to find out how you can win an Ultimate Holiday Pack bundle!

Win the PlayStation Ultimate Holiday Pack! | UG Giveaway GRAND PRIZE

We're finally at the grand culmination of the UnGeek Holiday Geek Gift Giveaway. Now, we're playing for the big prize - the PlayStation Ultimate Holiday Pack!

Hacking for Change | Watch Dogs 2 Review

Check this out as we give our thoughts on the game while playing the Intro and the First Mission of Watch Dogs 2!

Win the UnGeek Watch Dogs 2 Pack! | UG Giveaway Day...

For today's giveaway, we're closing out STRONG with this UnGeek PS4 Watch Dogs 2 Pack that will be given to One (1) Lucky Winner!

Congrats to the First Batch of Winners for the UnGeek Holiday...

Congratulations! A Winner is YOU! Check to see if you've won in our first draw!

Win the UnGeek Pokémon Pack! | UG Giveaway Day 9

I wanna be the very best like no one ever was! To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cauuuusee ~ The UnGeek Pokémon Pack is up for grabs today!

Win the UnGeek Dota 2 Pack! | UG Giveaway Day 7

Relive the DOTA 2 excitement with these Dota 2 Manila Major giveaway items for our Ungeek Holiday Geek Gift Giveaway day 7!

Win an ASUS Gift Pack! | UG Giveaway Day 6

It is DAY 6 of the UnGeek Holiday Geek Gift Giveaway, ladies and gentlegeeks! We are halfway through all the prizes. To commemorate this milestone, we'll be having TWO (2) Winners today and each of our winners will be getting an ASUS Gift Pack!

The Best Thing you’ll want under your Christmas Tree is the...

Christmas is just a couple weeks away and we're suuuper hyped for our Holiday goodies - whether bought for or by you. This year though, there's one gift that you might really love to see: THE PLAYSTATION ULTIMATE HOLIDAY PACK!
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