Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Final Fantasy XV is 42% off on Amazon!

Your prayers have been answered! Final Fantasy XV is currently on sale!

Final Fantasy XV Fever is REAL! | Gamers Line-Up for For...

The line is REAL for the release of Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) and PlayStation 4 Slim FFXV Luna Edition, today.

Ungeek plays the much-anticipated Final Fantasy XV for the Playstation 4!...

After 10 years of waiting, we are finally a few days away from arguably one of the biggest game release in recent memory. Boys and girls, file for sick leave, take a vacation, and warn your wife because Final Fantasy XV is here to whisk you away on a grand adventure!

The PlayStation 4 Slim FFXV Luna Edition Is the ONLY PS4...

Now, getting a PlayStation 4 Pro seems like a much harder decision. Thanks PS4 Slim FFXV Luna Edition. :|
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