Friday, September 18, 2020
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Achievement Hunters, the Final Fantasy XV Full Trophy List is Here!

With less than a day away, why not check out what you can achieve once the game releases? Read the full trophy details for Final Fantasy XV here!

Mega Man Meets Spelling? ‘Mighty Alphadroid’ is coming to your Mobile!...

Though relatively new in the local game development scene, Popsicle Games has brought us a number impressive titles such as Daivolter Z and Voteclicker. During #ESGS2016, we got to try out their upcoming game, check out Mighty Alphadroid!

How to find ALL the Magical Spells and Weapons in the...

FFXV, short game it may be, has a lot of cool stuff to find. In light of this, we've created this short guide for you to find all the Magical Items and Weapons in Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo.
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