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Celebrate a Pokémon GO Thanksgiving with Double XPs and Stardusts starting...

It's Thanksgiving and we're celebrating with double XP and Stardust! Check out the treats Niantic has in-store for you right here!

Pokémon GO Update Finally Addresses the Pidgey and Rattata World Infestation!...

Finally, an update that will end the Pidgey and Rattata infestation!

Pokémon GO Introduces its Newest Game Feature: ‘Daily Bonuses’

Exciting new feature coming to Pokémon GO! Receive bonus XP and items for daily activities. Complete the streak and get more bonuses!

Niantic-Globe Partnership Announced! Will bring over 200 Gyms and 300 Poké...

The Pokémon Company, Niantic Labs and Globe Telecom collaborates to deliver a more enjoyable Pokémon Go experience for Filipino gamers.

Calling all Ingress players! John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, invites you...

Join "Mission Day Makati", October 29 @ Ayala Triangle. Joining the mission are Niantic's John Hanke (CEO) and Kento Suga (APAC Marketing Head), creators of Ingress and Pokémon GO.

John Hanke, Creator of Pokémon GO, is attending the “Pokémon Fest:...

The creator of Pokemon GO, John Hanke is in the Philippines? Are the rumors true?

Pokémon GO update is now available! Egg Patterns, Icons, and more!...

A new update of Pokémon GO is now available, check out the new features of the latest update.

Trick or Treat? Pokémon GO Halloween Perks & its first seasonal...

Starting Oct 26 to Nov 1, let Pokémon GO be your trick or treat companion to catch Ghost and Spooky Pokémons, and maximize earning Candies!

The Newest Pokémon GO Update (10-11-2016) is Finally Announced! | Catch...

Details of the upcoming Pokémon GO Update - Catch Bonus, Gym Improvements, and more!

Upcoming Pokémon Go Update Lets You Get More XP in Gyms!

The Gym System of Pokémon GO is getting an upgrade with the upcoming update!
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