Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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‘Buddy Pokémon’ – Newest Feature coming to Pokémon GO

Niantic Labs announces 'Buddy Pokémon'' feature coming in the next Pokémon' GO update. Buddy Pokémon enables you to gain more in-app rewards and XPs!

Details on the New Pokémon GO Update (8-22-16)!

Niantic Labs just released a new version of Pokemon Go, Android (0.35.0) and iOS (1.5.0). Know more about the update here!

Niantic Labs to impose Permanent Bans to Pokémon GO Cheaters

Be warned! Pokémon GO Cheaters account can be permanently banned.

Map of Pokémon GO Lure parties – Aug 12 to 15,...

Get ready to catch 'em all on! Check out the map to see the nearest Pokémon GO event location from you.

Pokémon GO now officially live in Philippines! Here’s 11 tips and...

After our published Open Letter to Niantic Labs yesterday,Pokémon GO now officially live in Philippines! 11 tips and tricks to get you started as a new Pokémon trainer, from how to play, catching Pikachu, leveling up, getting free items, winning Gym battles, and more.

How to Find out if your installed Pokémon GO APK has...

You may have heard the latest bit of news floating around about a virus that infects your phone alongside downloading a modified Pokémon GO APK. Here's how you can find out whether your phone is safe or not.

Will your Device get banned for Downloading the Pokémon GO APK?

There's word on the social media rumor mill that, if you downloaded the Pokemon Go APK to get early access to your region, then your device will get banned. Are the rumors true?

Pokémon Go is now LIVE! Here’s how you can get it...

After the long wait, Pokémon Go has finally launched! But it's not officially available in all countries yet. Don't worry, though! There's a way to download and experience it right now!
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