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Sinners, Spirits, and Dragons are roaring in Animax’s Summer Line-up

The weather is heating up and so is the small screen with this line up!

Three Summer Anime titles you should be watching this 2017

Holster your gun and sheath your sword. Open your mind to these synapse seductive shows

The Legend of the Lazy Invincible General Unfolds in Alderamin on...

A brilliant military genius tries to make an easy life for himself through unorthodox tactics and slacking off.

Live life without regret because you can undo them in “Orange”

Orange is a slice of life romance manga series created by Ichigo Takano. It's anime adaptation is part of Japan's Summer anime line up for 2016.

Eat all you can and not gain a pound! Shokugeki Souma...

The hottest and sexiest cooking anime Shokugeki no Souma is back starting this July.

Calligraphy is Life in Handa-kun, (a Barakamon prequel).

Barakamon fans rejoice! Your favorite awkward calligraphist is back but this time we go back to his high school days in manga turned anime title, Handa-Kun.
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