Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Don’t forget Ladies and Chimichangas: DEADPOOL HAS TWO POST CREDITS SCENES

With Deadpool opening in theaters this week, do be reminded to STAY UNTIL THE VERY END to catch not one... but TWO POST-CREDITS SCENES FOR THE MERC WITH A MOUTH'S FILM!

Turkish Airline Invites you to Fly to Gotham or Metropolis in...

While Deadpool looms over this week, the guys at DC are spinning those Batman V Superman machinery to high gears with the release of...

Marvel unleashes “Captain America: Civil War” and “Coca-Cola Hulk vs Ant-Man”...

The "Big Game" is on stateside with this year's Super Bowl 50, and with that comes the arrival of new TV Spots and commercials to promote big things coming this year, including Marvel promoting "Captain America: Civil War" with a new short trailer and making a unique tie-in ad with Coca-Cola featuring The Hulk and Ant-Man!
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