Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Makoto Shinkai’s ‘The Garden of Words’ gets a stage play in...

One of Shinkai's best goes live-action!

That Stronghold of Suffering is BACK! | Takeshi’s Castle Returns to...

Now why do I have the sudden urge to eat MENTOS and ride a tank!?

Next Nintendo Direct Will Go Live on September 13

Mama Mia! It is THAT time once again!

ESGS 2016 Spotlight: “The Art Of Tengami” by Ryo Agarie

Inspiring stories often have a simple beginning. The captivating journey to pursue one's dream... Encourages those who hear of them, spurring them to take on challenges of their own. Such is the opportunity we had at ESGS 2016 with one of Tengami creators Ryo Agarie.

Ludo WATCH THE SKIES: Looking through the American Spy Glass (Head...

Watch the Skies is social strategic role-playing game where different teams represent different countries and their respective governing bodies, a news network, and the alien factions themselves. This was my experience as the Head of Special Forces!
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