Friday, October 30, 2020
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Life Lessons: When in doubt, Sell out! Tales from the Borderlands...

The crazy shifts into HIGH GEAR as we return with PART 2 of our TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS (EPISODE 2) Let's Play!

WATCH: Tales from the Borderlands is BACK with some Eye-Popping Action!

Episode 2 picks up right where the EP1 Finale ended - with our unlikely band of heroes dazzled by their discovery as a malevolent force awakens, unbeknownst to most EXCEPT one. The plot is starting to come together even more BUT this doesn't mean the game stops from being hilarious and awesome :) Episode 2 is definitely starting off in good shape! Watch it now right here.

(WATCH) Borderlands Becomes MAD MAX! *UnGeek Plays: Tales from the Borderlands...

It's Telltale Day! After that exciting announcement of the new Batman Telltale Game, now we head over to the FINALE of UNGEEK PLAYS: TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS [EP1]! The finale is actually super action-packed ala MAD MAX - complete with psychos and death cars!

(WATCH) This is what happens when you’re a Con Artist with...

Today, in Part 3 of UnGeek Plays: Tales from the Borderlands [Ep1], it's just one bad decision after another BUT the story is coming along quite well. We now have TWO protagonists, Rhys, our corporate guy from Helios featured in the previous episodes, and, now we have FIONA, the Pandoran con artist and the story just gets even crazier from this point.


In today's installment of UnGeek Plays: Tales from the Borderlands [Ep1], a guy finds out why you JUST. DONT. JUMPSCARE. JUST. ANYONE. He's lucky our protagonist, Rhys, takes it easy on him (sort of). Yup, the craziness and fun continues as we go on PART 2 of our adventure! I'm sincerely loving every second of this game and my only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. :p

(WATCH) UnGeek Plays: Tales from the Borderlands [Ep1] (P1)

I have been a fan of Telltale Games ever since the beginning. I've always loved how they were able to tell such amazing stories through their games like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Playing their games, for me, is the next level equivalent of watching a really good TV Series. Today, I get to play one of their games that is praised to have the best script-writing, humor, and story amongst all of their games TO DATE. Today, we play TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS [Episode 1]!
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