Monday, October 26, 2020
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A Frantic and Tense Boardgame That Also Teaches Us About Energy...

Formerly called Energy Star, "The Big Switch" from Balangay Entertainment is finally here! Check out this energy conservation-themed game that has an interesting mix of bidding, negotiation and dexterity mechanics, Available now at Gaming Library!

(FIRST LOOK) TRESE the Boardgame enters Open Playtesting!

Last November 28, 2015, the UnGeek team went to Uno Morato for the Trese Boardgame Open Playtest. Though the game was demo'd before at a previous UnPub Event, this playtest event was exclusively for Trese and for its avid fans and readers (of the comic).

UnGeek meets UnPub – Getting to know more about what their...

In case you missed it, UnPub, an event the UnGeek Boardgaming Crew checked out before, happened again just last Sunday (November 8)! This time, it was held at 2L Bridgeway, Estancia at Capitol Commons and, like before, it was a indie boardgame fest! But what exactly IS UnPub? Find out in our interview with Julian Sison as UnGeek meets UnPub!


Last weekend on October 11 (Sunday), the UnGeek team went and checked out the UnPub Event at Burger Company. Needless to say, we were...
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