Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Wanna catch E3 LIVE? Here are the schedules of each Major...

Stay on top of the latest E3 news with the press con schedules!

Life Lessons: When in doubt, Sell out! Tales from the Borderlands...

The crazy shifts into HIGH GEAR as we return with PART 2 of our TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS (EPISODE 2) Let's Play!

WATCH: Tales from the Borderlands is BACK with some Eye-Popping Action!

Episode 2 picks up right where the EP1 Finale ended - with our unlikely band of heroes dazzled by their discovery as a malevolent force awakens, unbeknownst to most EXCEPT one. The plot is starting to come together even more BUT this doesn't mean the game stops from being hilarious and awesome :) Episode 2 is definitely starting off in good shape! Watch it now right here.
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