Arrow Season 3 is looking better than ever!


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    Reunite in Seal M

    If you were able to catch our first Podcast, Jamie and I admitted on air what huge Arrow fans we were. And with amazing news trickling down from San Diego Comicon, we’re more hyped-up than ever.

    What’s confirmed?

    Ray Palmer

    Superman becomes the smallest man. :D
    Superman becomes the smallest man. 😀


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    Brand Routh of Superman Returns fame is back in WB’s fold but this time not as the Man of Steel but someone who’s also important in the DC cast of heroes. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new Ray Palmer. Palmer, brilliant physicist and inventor, will later become the shrinking superhero known as the Atom. Whether or not Ray Palmer will be transformed to the Atom in this universe is everyone’s guess (but I’m heavily betting on it happening). Palmer comes in as the new owner of Queen Consolidated, something that should shake things up a bit with Ollie. I don’t know how this will play out in the series, but we’re just too darn happy that DC is showcasing some of the other known heroes outside of the big 3 (Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman).


    new katana
    Looks fitting since she was wielding a katana in Sin City. Eh? Eh? #notPUNny 🙁


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    Sin City’s Devon Aoki joins team Arrow as Tatsu Yamashiro also known as Katana. Now while Katana isn’t really a big name character, she has had tremendous exposure in the comics and animated series like Beware the Batman. I love how they’re leaking over characters who have shared affinity with other big DC title holders. It just makes this TV universe feel more organic and opens up possible cross-overs in the future. According to an article in EW, Katana appears in Ollie’s flashback and will play a vital role in shaping him to who he is now.


    Suicide Squad

    The Squad is back!
    The Squad is back!
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    The Suicide Squad’s back and we could not be happier. The successful usage of these kooky characters (from Deadshot to Bronze Tiger) at the helm of Amanda Waller is a delightful treat that opens the DC Universe up for a lot of story potentials. Who could they add to the squad? With the Flash  just around the corner, could villains from his series end up in Arrow’s suicide squad (Captain Boomerang, yo!)? Only Amanda Waller knows and she looks like a very tight–

    But, of course, let’s not forget your favorite original cast. They’re back with a slightly meaner edge. Roy Harper will don a full suit similar to Arrow but in dark shades of crimson as Arsenal (we’re not sure if he’s actually going to be calling himself that). And Laurel Lance is about to take another character journey. We’re not sure if she’s going to don the Canary alter ego any time soon or if it will still be Sara who we saw leaving towards the end of Season 2 (they confirmed that Caity Lolz will return with at least 3 more episodes).

    So...who's your tailor, Mr. Harper? :)
    So…who’s your tailor, Mr. Harper? 🙂


    So are you hyped ’cause we are. What, you’re not?! Well here’s an official first-look at Season 3 then!

    [EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have not seen Arrow Season 1 and 2 and plan to watch Season 3 DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD for SEASON 2]

    Deym!!! All in all we’re excited as jack rabbits on a keg of redbull! When the Flash episode first got leaked we felt that Arrow might suffer a blow in terms of story-telling and production. The lineup above shows otherwise!  October, Y U NO COME SOONER?! 🙁

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