Okay, so here’s the low-down. Constantine’s first episode got leaked online about a month ago, after which, we got word that the leading lady of the series, Lucy Griffiths who plays Liv, was booted out of the show as the series’ producers decided to take character in a different direction. Instead of pairing John Constantine (Matt Ryan) with Liv, a woman with the ability to see the undead (trapped Spirits and Demons included), the producers have decided to use noted-comic character Zed (Angélica Celaya) – Constantine’s former lover and a powerful mystic.

Constantine. Always the ladies' man.
Constantine. Always the ladies’ man.

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So will we see the same leaked Pilot come October 24th when Constantine officially airs in the US? Probably not, as some scenes had to be reshot to weave Zed’s storyline into the episode. Still, regardless of the changes, this new extended trailer actually gives us a fuller glimpse into the series than the first few trailers that were shown as we go beyond scenes from the first episode. Here’s hoping for a successful series ahead and maybe, who knows, surprise visits from some of DC’s notable magical characters. 🙂


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