The New Hobbit Trailer Makes Me Want To Live In Middle Earth


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    Dragon or no dragon, the new Hobbit Trailer makes my blood boil for this epic finale. Of course a lot of people are already rolling their eyes with how painfully long the Hobbit movies are. And if we follow the progression of long, longer, longest as with the LoTR movies, we can already assume that this last installment of the Hobbit will be the longest of the three.

    Still that’s not such a bad thing if you’re immersed with the lore and the characters. It’s pretty much like my sentiments with the original Trilogy. I never wanted it to end because even with scary Orcs and Ring Wraiths, Middle Earth and everything around it seemed real, tangible and just magnificently beautiful. And while the magic isn’t the same as with Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson’s work with the Hobbit transports us still to this once beloved land — especially with this epic-looking trailer complete with Pippin’s song for added nostalgia. Whew! Cheap trick, sir, but it works. 🙂

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    Here’s the official synopsis:

    “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” brings to an epic conclusion the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield and the Company of Dwarves. Having reclaimed their homeland from the Dragon Smaug, the Company has unwittingly unleashed a deadly force into the world. Enraged, Smaug rains his fiery wrath down upon the defenseless men, women and children of Lake-town.

    Obsessed above all else with his reclaimed treasure, Thorin sacrifices friendship and honor to hoard it as Bilbo’s frantic attempts to make him see reason drive the Hobbit towards a desperate and dangerous choice. But there are even greater dangers ahead. Unseen by any but the Wizard Gandalf, the great enemy Sauron has sent forth legions of Orcs in a stealth attack upon the Lonely Mountain.

    As darkness converges on their escalating conflict, the races of Dwarves, Elves and Men must decide – unite or be destroyed. Bilbo finds himself fighting for his life and the lives of his friends in the epic Battle of the Five Armies, as the future of Middle-earth hangs in the balance.

    The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies come out this December 2014 in the US. Hopefully it does for us as well, you know, before it gets pushed back again by *groan* the Metro Manila Film Fest.


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