Gabriel Knight Gets a Much-Needed Update


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    What Voodoo is this?! It seems that with the news of Sierra Entertainment, Inc.’s imminent return to game publishing, one of their beloved title that won them several prestigious awards during the 90’s is digging its way out of its gaming franchise grave. The Schattenjäger is back with a totally updated art, interface and music!


    Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Editionv2

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    Gabriel Knight, if you don’t know, is a popular 90’s Sierra point-and-click supernatural-themed adventure game published by Sierra and created by Jane Jensen. Even during that time where Adventure games were the norm, Gabriel Knight is the bastard-of-a-black-sheep that just would not keep itself in-line with the rest. Brilliant game design and, more importantly, story and character creation by Jensen just placed the game on a class of its own. Even in today’s standards, the writing and cast performance still draws you in decades after the first game was made.

    And now, in all 3D glory, the very first Gabriel Knight game, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father is being released once again for this generation to enjoy.



    There are some changes though. Were you able to spot them? Aside from the obvious cosmetic upgrade, and a totally sweet re-orchestrated musical score by Robert Holmes, the voices were somewhat not the original. That’s because they aren’t.  Unfortunately we won’t get to hear Tim Curry, Leah Rimini and Mark Hamill (Yes, Luke Skywalker/ Joker – Mark Hamill!!) on this one. /sadface However, according to the FAQ sheet that they released, the voices were being provided by the studio that also handled a bit of Tell-Tale Games’ portfolio, so here’s wishing they become respectful of the source material.

    Still if this means I get another go at Voodoo-infested New Orleans, then I’m on board this ship!


    St. George is looking prettier than ever. Maybe a little too pretty, in fact.
    St. George is looking prettier than ever. Maybe a little too pretty, in fact.


    "So, what can you tell me about...Voodoo?"
    “So, what can you tell me about…Voodoo?”


    Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father 20th Anniversary Edition is expected to be released around mid to end of this year. If you want to play the original 90’s version (and we highly encourage you that you pick that up) you can purchase the game at a relatively low price of $5.99 here.

    To know more about Gabriel Knight and its 20th Anniversary Edition, you can head over their official site so you can get to know Gabe, his witty & wise-cracking assistant Grace Nakimura and his bumbling pal Detective Mosely.


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