Lupin the 3rd gets Philippine Release Date


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    Looks like Japanese live-action movies will dominate the box office this September! With Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends opening in theaters this September 24, another anime-to-live-action adaptation is hitting Philippine theaters this September 17, 2014: LUPIN THE 3rd.


    Hana Yori Dango’s Shun Oguri is Lupin
    Hana Yori Dango’s Shun Oguri is Lupin

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    International con-man and thief, Lupin the 3rd (Shun Oguri) gathers his team to try and get a swipe at grabbing an ancient heirloom known as the Crimson Heart of Cleopatra.


    Ooooooooohhhh, shinny! :D
    Ooooooooohhhh, shiny! 😀


    What this is –why they’re getting it is—we have no idea. But hey, the team, Jigen (Tetsuji Tamayama), Goemon (Gō Ayano) and on-again-off-again love fling Fujiko (Meisa Kuroki) get to travel around the world (or at least in South East Asian countries – the Philippines included) while being chased by the relentless Inspector Zenigata (Tadanobu Asano). So that’s gotta count for something, right?



    Not much is revealed in the trailer, but we do get a flavor of what the film will look like – and we are digging it! From the zany jazz music mirroring the series to the wacky antics of everybody in the team, it seems Lupin the 3rd is one fun ride and we can’t wait to get on it!

    Lupin the 3rd will be exclusively shown through SM Cinemas nationwide on the 17th of September.

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