Superman vs Doomsday!
Superman vs Doomsday!

Ultra Rare Bookend Set Lands at the Ungeek HQ

Every fan of Superman knows of his epic clash against Doomsday. Heck, the “Death of Superman” comicbook made the rounds in the 90’s even if there wasn’t any social media yet back then. That was how powerful the storyline was that it travelled mostly by mouth all around the world. That’s why it comes as no surprise that the value of limited edition Superman/Doomsday merchandise have skyrocketed. Take for example this really cool limited edition bookend set featuring Superman and Doomsday. This actually just has an SRP of around $200 but if you check eBay they’re now going for at least $500. Yep folks, just as expensive as a brand new iPad, hehe.

The bookends are made of cold cast porcelain, giving them a very premium and elegant feel. Both statues were hand-painted and sculpted by William Paquet, a renowned artist. DC only made 2030 units of these bookends which makes them an awesome collectible for Superman hardcore fans.

In terms of design though the bookends for me are both a hit and a miss.


The sculptor and the designer made a superb Doomsday! They were really faithful to the comics, which is something that a lot of toy makers don’t follow. Here we have a bulky, muscled, and ripped beast with all the white bone fragments sticking out of his body. They nailed this one perfectly!



The miss, for me, is Superman. I mean look at that face. That’s not the Man of Steel that I grew up to admire and idolize, hehe.


Anyway, over-all it’s a pretty sweet collectible item and we’re happy to have it here at the Ungeek HQ. There are no shops selling it and we were only able to find it via an online seller (fellow collector) on Facebook.


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