Galavant Gallops to your TV Sets


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    So there’s this TV Show

    And it’s a musical

    And here’s our impression

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    About Gaalavaant


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    We feel it’s full of camp

    But it’s not really crap

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    In fact it’s quite amusing

    This Gaalavaant


    Oh! The pilot is a bit overwhelming

    If you’re not really into people singing

    But, just give into the show

    And let the story flow

    And have a jolly time with




     (Watch the video below, then read the above lyrics again hehehe good luck getting that tune out of your head)


    Sneaking quite quietly and without much fanfare into the New Year is ABC’s newest mini-series called Galavant. A whimsical medieval fairy tale comedy musical, Galavant is created, written and executively produced by Dan Fogelman — screenwriter of Crazy, Stupid, Love and Tangled among others — with songs written by the Alan Menken (Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Enchanted, Tangled) and Glenn Slater (Tangled). This 8 episode mini-series will run through the month of January and the first two episodes were released last January 4 in the US.


    First Impressions

    While fun and whimsical, Galavant really takes off after the Pilot episode. Even with Alan Menken on helm, the pacing and musical selection for the Pilot was a bit rocky. There are certain parts where we felt that the show either rushed itself to get to the punchline and some deliveries weren’t as crisps as we would have hoped it to be. However, it is hard to expect a lot from a 20-24 minute Pilot episode. The Pilot has the daunting task of setting the mood and tone of the show and introducing the merry characters that make up Galavant. That said, it’s good that episode 2 came along. This is where Galavant finds its footing.

    The story flows tighter and the jokes come with the right punches. Episode 2 also also introduces the many guest stars that the show would be having (John Stamos is hilarious in Ep 2).

    The cast of Galavant! (L to R) Luke Youngblood, Mallory Jensen, Joshua Sasse, Timothy Odmundson, Vinnie Jones and Karen David
    The cast of Galavant! (L to R) Luke Youngblood, Mallory Jensen, Joshua Sasse, Timothy Odmundson, Vinnie Jones and Karen David


    The story is (or should be) quite simple. Valiant hero Galavant ( Joshua Sasse) falls in love with beautiful fair maiden, Madalena (Mallory Jensen ). However, the evil rich king, Richard (Timothy Odmundson) sees our fair maiden one day and decides he wants her for himself. He has Madalena kidnapped by his henchman Gareth (Vinnie Jones) , and before you know it a Royal Wedding ensues — only to be stopped by Galavant midway, of course (as cliche as it goes). However, does Galavant get the girl in the end? Oooh plot twist!  Oh and all of this happens during the Pilot’s 5-minute musical prologue.


    The show has a hard time striking a balance between not taking themselves seriously and seriously producing a good musical show which isn’t an easy feat, mind you. Since this is Disney, the show can’t be as irreverent as say, Monty Python and the Holy Gail. Although there are nods here and there to classic medieval comedy flicks — like the one mentioned and Princess Bride– Galavant grows on you as something quite novel by the end of Episode 2.

    If you have to, you can think of Galavant as a mash-up of Once Upon A Time (set design and production), Beauty and the Beast (music and lyrics), and the Emperor’s New Groove (humor). The show never really takes itself seriously and neither should you.


    Selfie! Although a BTS (Behind-the-Scene) shot, the quirkiness should give you an indication of how the cast interact with each other. :D
    My dear you shall have no choice but to go forth with this Royal wedding, but before that, let us take a #selfie! 😀 (A behind-the-scenes shot between King Richard and Madalena)


    If you’re into musical theater, there is no way in heck, you can’t watch this. If you’re not, well, give this show a chance. It’s not as contemporary as Glee and not as high-brow as Smash. If you’ve ever enjoyed a Disney Classic Cartoon, you should be able to enjoy Galavant.

    Galavant airs 2 episodes back-to-back every Sunday night in the US (which means it’s ready for, uh, “viewing” here in the Philippines come Monday). XD

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