Ultron came from… what?

Marvel released official concept photos and more information about the new characters for the upcoming Avengers 2: Age of Ultron movie. Other than the stuff we already know, Marvel dropped quite a bomb when they revealed the base origin plot of the new enemy of the Avengers. It’s quite a big departure from the original origin in the comics but it looks like this will fly very well as a movie adaptation.

According to the concept piece, Ultron started as a computer program that was left by the Chitauri during the invasion of New York (Avengers Movie). The program was refined and developed as a kick ass AI by none other than Tony Stark. Ultron eventually gains his own consciousness and proceeds on his mission to wipe out the human race off the face of the planet.


Fascinating. This will definitely be met with mixed reactions but personally I like how they were able to connect Ultron to the Chitauri. It will flow very well into the Infinity Wars arc later on!

Anyway, other than Ultron, Marvel also revealed the new origin of Vision. Instead of being Ultron’s creation like in the comic books, Vision was made together by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.


Exciting. Can’t wait for the movie to finally come out!


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