What is this!?
What is this!?

UPDATE (5:21PM Jan 18)

We’ve confirmed that this was all staged as a “Social Experiment” by Paul Agabin. We’re keeping the article up for posterity’s sake but please do note that the enforcers were NOT really enforcers. They were wearing fake uniforms and badges and were being directed.

Remember the article yesterday that we posted about John Stewart roasting the MMDA for forcing their enforcers to wear adult diapers during the Pope’s visit here in the Philippines? Well apparently it’s coming to life because there are currently “traffic enforcers” (we’re not sure if they’re really MMDA or they’re just people who want to make fun of the government) going around Manila wearing their adult diapers without pants on. The photo above and the photo below were taken by Tony Ahn (he posted it on FB).

Unbelievable. If this is true, this strips away the dignity of the enforcers. Paging MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino! Please take a look at this. If this isn’t you guys, you might want to clarify. It not, please get those guys off the streets and have them put on pants before they go back out. ^^;

I am speechless
I am speechless

We’re hoping that this is just some sort of gag or a cosplaying stunt because if these are REAL traffic enforcers we have a serious issue (potential international PR nightmare) brewing. We already tweeted MMDA asking if the guys in the photos are their men. We will update this post once we get a reply (Note from editor: UPDATE already up at the top of the post).

Here’s another photo by Filipino Digital Marketer Paul Agabin:


Regardless what happens… you gotta admire the confidence of these guys. Lol.


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