[WATCH] Real Life Master Archer Puts Legolas, Arrow, and Hawkeye to Shame


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    Lars Andersen, the best archer we've seen so far!
    Lars Andersen, the best archer we’ve seen so far!

    Whoa… just whoa!

    Lars Andersen. Remember that name because he puts to shame all the mythical and legendary archers we’ve seen on the silver screen or TV. Legolas, Hawkeye, Katniss, and Oliver Queen have nothing on this guy!

    From shooting in a forgotten way (but apparently it’s the most accurate, fast, and powerful method), to catching arrows from enemies and shooting back, to splitting incoming enemy arrows in half with his own, and to quick draw shooting while sitting in a table, Lars is pretty much your modern day grand master archer.

    There are really no more words to describe how epic this guy is. Just watch the video below. Believe us, it is so worth the loading/buffering time. By the time the video finishes you’ll probably need to pick up your jaw from the ground.

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    HT: Nerdist

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    Alexander San Juan
    Alexander San Juan
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