Iron Man Mark 42 Hybrid Metal Figure by HeroCross

Iron Man Mark 42 by Hero Cross
Iron Man Mark 42 by Hero Cross

For all the Iron Man fans out there

HeroCross is a Hong Kong based toy manufacturer that specializes in creating 70% alloy and 30% PVC fully articulated figures. They’re calling this the “Hybrid Metal Figuration” series and they’ve enjoyed a nice level of success with their offerings. One of their newest products is the Iron Man Mark 42 (from Iron Man 3) figure. We were able to get our hands on it and we’d like to share with you guys our initial thoughts.

Before we move on to the actual fig, to those who can’t remember the Mark 42, this is the armor that Tony Stark primarily used in Iron Man 3. This is the long-distance microchip-tracking suit that he used to fight off the forces of the “Mandarin”.

As with any of the figures by HeroCross for the Hybrid Metal Figuration series, this one has a slightly oversized head and is roughly around 15cm tall and weighs 90g. It has over 40 points of articulation making it very posable and the quality of the material is above average as it’s not your usual cheap plastic (they use 70% alloy).

Looking kick ass as usual
Looking kick ass as usual

There are LED lights for the eyes, Arc Reactor (chest) and the Repulsors (palms). There’s also an LED-lighted Display Stand. The 6 interchangeable hands makes it a delight to pose. Check out some of our photos below.





Not bad right?!

The main selling points are really the articulation (variety of poses) and the quality of the figure itself. This is definitely a must-have for collectors and fans of Iron Man.

We do have a few observations though with point of improvement for the fig. We’re not entirely sure if the figure we got was loose but we had a hard time making it stand on it’s own other than an uprise pose. Turning on the LED lights also takes a lot of effort for the eyes (the mask is hard to pry off where the on-off switch is) and most especially for the Repulsor on the palms. You have to use a pin to reach for the switch.

Iron Man Mark 42 by HeroCross has an SRP of Php5,388. If you’re looking to get one we suggest you take a quick trip to our favorite toy store, GreatToysOnline. You can also get these figs at Big Boys toy shops (they have a lot of branches, just Google ’em).

Two thumbs up from Team Ungeek!


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