House of Cards Season 3: Diabolically Binge-Worthy Fun! Thanks RTL-CBS!


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    One of our EIC’s favorite tv series, House of Cards, ran its season 3 premier last Feb 28, 2015 to rousing success. Ungeek.Ph was invited to be one of the few to view an advanced screener of the first 2 episodes of Season 3 last Feb 26 by the good guys from RTL CBS Asia and we loved every minute of it!

    You tell ’em, Frank!


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    For those who have yet to be enthralled by this deliciously diabolical show, House of Cards is a political drama television series developed for Netflix starring the enigmatic Kevin Spacey (Se7en, American Beauty, Superman Returns) as Frank Underwood – a ruthless and pragmatic Democrat from South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District and House Majority Whip who sets his power-grabbing plan in motion to acquire a higher seat within government.

    In two Seasons we see Frank rise from a place of considerable power to being sworn-in as the new President of the United States. In Season 3 we see him struggle to keep his place, push new bills to make himself more relevant for re-election and outsmart everyone that’s out to get him. His wife, Claire, played by the most transformed Robin Wright I saw (Princess Bride, Forrest Gump) is equally as conniving and devious as Frank and has set out to gain her own mark on the international political scene. In Season 3 she tries to vie for a place in the UN.


    Jenny? Princess Buttercup? My have you grown! CANNOT. DEAL.
    Jenny? Princess Buttercup? My have you grown! CANNOT. DEAL.


    What’s fun about House of Cards is that while the story lures you in, it’s really Kevin Spacey’s performance that brings home the bacon. Every time he churns a snide remark and breaks the 4th wall to talk to you, the viewer, it gives us a closer glimpse of what really is happening behind the curtain. And who doesn’t love a little political voyeurism from time to time, no? Mmm-mmm! :p

    If you’ve stuck with the series, Season 3 is one of the best that the show has to offer. With Frank running the country, it’s fun to see what twist and turns our central character will have to deal with in his new found position. Tension-filled and diabolically twisty, House of Cards Season 3 is binge-worthy entertainment! And because the format does allow you to that (watch all 13 episodes in one sitting) this is a dream for us with very low EQ. Hehe. For normal folks, you can watch House of Card Season 3 on a weekly basis as well.  😀

    So thanks for bringing this here RTL CBS Entertainment and giving us a few days in advance to satiate our House of Card addiction. 😉

    You can watch House of Cards Season 3 here in the Philippines every Wednesday 9:55PM. Available in RTL CBS Entertainment Channel SkyCable Ch53 SD | Ch196 HD and CableLink Ch37 SD | Ch313 HD.

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