REMATCH: Batman v Vader because the first video was utter crap!

Saw that Super Power Beat Down episode of Batman Vs Darth Vader a few months back but weren't satisfied with the outcome? Well Bat In The Sun has you covered once more with a REMATCH with an ALTERNATE ENDING to that grand battle between The Dark Knight and The Dark Lord of the Sith, which also sees a special guest appearance by the end of the video!

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Short of shouting Blue and Black, the internet went on a frenzy some time last year when two super powered beings went on a hypothetical beatdown. Bad-ass Sith Lord, Darth Vader battles the greatest Detective of the DC Universe, Batman. If you haven’t seen that one, we suggest you head over HERE right now.

That's no moon.

That’s no moon.

Okay, you done? Did you like the ending? Not trying to be biased and all but I think that one was utter crap. And before you Star Wars fan-boys jump onto me like squirrels discovering House of Nuts, let me shed some light into the battle.

You see, Batman should’ve won that round. Why? Because Batman. No, seriously.

Batman has cheated death, tricked his way out of countless encounters and has always outmaneuvered and outthink almost every element presented to him. He is the penultimate schemer of the DC Universe. Sure, he’s a rich billionaire with a gajillion toys to boot but that’s not what makes Batman, well, Batman. It’s his intellect, strategic prowess and near flawless execution that plays into why this guy stands shoulder-to-shoulder with DC’s #1 character: Superman. I mean, this guy was able to defeat Darkseid.

Without any superhuman power, Batman is the perfect embodiment of humanity. From his unrelenting will to do with is necessary to win to how he never slips over the edge and turning himself into the villain he faces, Batman, given ample time and resources (which he had in the video) would win in any match.

Vader. Cannot Deal.

Vader. Cannot Deal.


To give credit to Vader, while Vader is hyper sensitive to the Force (he could feel Luke planets away), and maybe amazing with the blade, his inherent flaw is to observe, strategize and plan for the long-haul — that’s more Obi Wan’s style than anything.

While Vader can win against Batman force against, um, force, Batman would never stage the battle that way. He knows he can’t win against someone with that much firepower if he charges head-on. It was never Batman’s style.

So when Bat In the Sun, the creators of the Super Power Beat Down, created a follow-up alternate ending to this mega battle, I’m happy to note that it ended with Bats doing what Bats does best — winning and in the most canon way ever.

So without further ado, here’s the new take.

Are you as equally pleased as I am? Sound off in the comments below if you think Batman should still have met his utter demise or if you agree that the Dark Knight should’ve won from the beginning. 🙂 We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Also need more proof of the Dark Knight’s awesomeness? Have 29 minutes? :p