The Changes of DC Comics: June 2015 brings forth New Looks for members of the Justice League

In case you missed the highlights of the past few days, DC Comics is going to implement a LOT of changes come June post-Convergence, and that includes giving NEW LOOKS to established characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman... And it's VERY DIFFERENT from their usual looks too.

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In case you missed the news for the past couple of weeks, DC Comics is officially dropping The New 52 banner and retaining some 25 old titles while mixing it up with 24 new ones. It’s a change that won’t see the end of the DC New Universe anytime soon, but it effectively opens doors and possibilities for anything to happen in the future… And it literally starts after the end of the publisher’s two-month major event called “Convergence”.


Come June 2015, some of the World’s Greatest Heroes are getting some major makeovers that will no doubt divide the comic community and fanbase in half. Some of the most recognizable heroes – such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, will trade off their familiar looks for something “unorthodox” and different, and the reasons are centered on those upcoming storylines that are aimed to “shake things up” and explore ground that will explore new adventures and strange horizons that haven’t been tapped into before.

Via DC’s June 2015 Solicitations, here are the changes to expect and see (with a little side commentary on the looks to boot).


Here’s Action Comics #41 – showing off Superman with a very “Casual” hero appearance that’s more dark and broody than what’s commonly associated with The Man of Steel. In the storyline called “Truth”, something will happen to Clark Kent that will cause him to lose the Kryptonian Armor suit that he came to use since the start of The New 52, and revert back to a simple blue “S” shirt with jeans minus the cape to fight the good fight. The logo is inspired by the one seen in the “Fleischer Studios” cartoons from the 40’s, and Kal-El will also be sporting shorter hair as well. It’s very Pre-New 52 Superboy at first glance… Perhaps a pre-midlife crisis for Supes?


Meanwhile post-Endgame, a new “Metal Knight” will emerge in the streets of Gotham City, as Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo introduce a new kind of Batman in the pages of June’s Batman #41. Whoever the man behind the metal suit is isn’t known so far, but one has to wonder if it’s Bruce Wayne or somebody else taking the mantle of the Bat and using it in another direction.

Thanks to the interwebz, this new Capeless Crusader has affectionately been called “Chappie” and “Appleseed” Batman.


Over at Wonder Woman #41, Princess Diana of Themyscira is getting a new suit as well… Prepped for battle with some BLADED BRACERS and a new warrior costume to boot.


Barry Allen/ The Flash also gets a slight redesign too, with a more dark tone to his look this time come Flash #41.


Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow also gets a new makeover, hair and scruffy beard included starting Green Arrow #41.


And finally Hal Jordan is on the run and looking desperate, as he wields Krona’s gauntlet and no longer the leader of the Green Lantern Corps starting with Green Lantern #41.

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