Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Asia Pop Comicon 2016 Revs Up For More Pop-Culture Explosion

It's a little less than a month before the AsiaPOP Comicon, biggest Comicon this side of Asia, happens and boy are we excited! In addition to Haley Atwell Here’s a look of who’s coming to APCC 2016 so far!

The Changes of DC Comics: June 2015 brings forth New Looks...

In case you missed the highlights of the past few days, DC Comics is going to implement a LOT of changes come June post-Convergence, and that includes giving NEW LOOKS to established characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman... And it's VERY DIFFERENT from their usual looks too.

WATCH: Teaser to Fan Film starring Green Lantern John Stewart is...

While the DC Cinematic Universe has yet to reveal who exactly will be the new "Green Lantern" that will be appearing in the Justice League movies and the new solo film of the Emerald Warrior, a teaser of a upcoming fan film called "Power" has gone ahead and featured none other than one of the most respected corpsmen ever to wear the green ring... JOHN STEWART! "Beware My Power... Green Lantern's Light!!!"

It Has Begun: Things to expect with Warner Bros. announcing their...

Announcing their list of plans during their shareholders meeting, Warner Bros. has officially revealed their line-up of DC Movies that run from 2016-2020, and here's some things to expect from the the films that make up the studio's long awaited and united "DC Cinematic Universe".
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