Today, one of the greatest horror games to have ever been made, is now FREE ON STEAM! … at least until 1:00AM tomorrow (PH time). Yes, Amnesia: The Dark Decent is an old horror adventure game but, in case you still don’t have it, you’ll want to get this now!

Run, hide and most of all beware of...BARRELS!!! (Pewds reference)
Run, hide and most of all beware of…BARRELS!!! (Pewds reference)


Highly acclaimed as one of the scariest video games ever made, Amnesia really made its mark on the industry. You can also say that it’s one of the games that started really propelled YouTube Let’s Players like the infamous PewdiePie. If you want to know more, check out the trailer here:


The community also has a lot of custom stories out there so you’ll get a lot out of the game in terms of (re)playability. But more than that, IT’S FREE! Grab it from the STEAM STORE before the offer expires! Check this link for more info:


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