Are you a Pokémon fan? Have you ever wanted to be the very best – like no one ever was? Ever imagined how things would be if Pokémon roamed the world or how it would be if you could catch your very own Pikachu? If you said YES to any of those questions then you’ll be excited for this announcement just as much as I am!


Pokemon go1


Today, The Pokémon Company, Niantic, and Nintendo announced their new game called POKÉMON GO coming to IOS and ANDROID on 2016. The game lets you capture Pokémon, trade, as well as do battles as you go around the real world. Check out the video right here:



While you don’t get to see much of the gameplay, what got me really excited was THE POSSIBILITIES of what this game could do! O_O Imagine being able to capture Pokémon as you go around the city. Will there be special Pokémon like Legendary Pokémon available in places like Mt. Everest? Will there be local Pokémon – like Pokémon that are only available in certain countries / locations? Imagine being able to do battle with your friends while you wait out the commute going home. Imagine a special boss battle event like a MewTwo battle happening in the middle of Bonifacio High Street! Wow… just wow! @_@


Battling it out in the open
Battling it out in the open


They also announced the Pokémon Go Plus. It’s a watch-like device that will let people enjoy the game even when they’re not glued to their phones. It connects via Bluetooth to your mobile and gives you notifications of events (like Wild Pokémon being nearby) via LED and vibration.


The Pokémon GO Plus... I'd like to imagine it as a Pokédex Watch :D
The Pokémon GO Plus… I’d like to imagine it as a Pokédex Watch 😀


This is definitely something we’ll keep tabs on for any further developments. Pokémon GO is being developed by Niantic, Inc., the company behind the mobile augmented reality game Ingress. Junichi Masuda of Game Freak Inc., the game director of the Pokémon video game series, is also on-board to make sure that the fun of Pokémon is preserved in the project.

Pokémon GO will be available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play when it launches on 2016 and will have in-app purchases. So yeah, next year… it’s time to CATCH ‘EM ALL!


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