Halloween 2015: Horror Icons you don’t want to be around with…

It's All Hallow's Eve, and there's plenty of Horror Films you can watch with family and friends to give yourselves a scare! With that in mind, UnGeek has a couple of Horror Icons in mind that will certainly freak the living daylights out of you, so here are some of these faces only a mother can love... or hate! Happy Halloween!!!

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‘Tis All Hallow’s Eve, and even with Sam Haine calling out for the evil spirits and demons to gather around, many of us dear fans and geeks love to dress up or pay tribute to some of Hollywood’s fine horror icons and monsters. These “creatures of the night” bring terror to the  minds and hearts of those who remember these cult classic figures… And UnGeek is going to take you back and then some by revisiting some of these damned figures of the night with a list honoring their history in Hollywood Horror Cinema!


1. Freddy Krueger – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Who doesn’t remember Wes Craven’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and its subsequent sequels, remakes, and spin-offs? The series mostly featured the one kind of guy you don’t want in your mind while you sleep, and that’s Freddy Krueger – a serial killer ghost who’s identified by his trademark a leather razor glove and burnt face. Literally a demon who takes advantage of his powers through people’s dreams, killing them without hesitation and relishing at every opportunity. Because of his horrific reputation, Freddy’s made it to mainstream, and has even been featured as a fighting game character in the 2011 Mortal Kombat game!


2. Jason Vorhees – Friday The 13th 

An intimidating force wearing a hockey mask to hide his disfigured face, Jason Vorhees is literally a behemoth that’s been killed so many times, yet manages to come back from death or beyond for some supernatural reason, continuing his relentless mission to attack and kill whatever resides on his “home” of Camp Crystal Lake or beyond. He is a signature horror figure mostly associated in the Friday The 13th series, and like Freddy Krueger has transcended beyond horror films to other forms of media… Including Mortal Kombat X!


3. Michael Myers – Halloween

Pretty much the embodiment of pure evil through events gone horribly wrong, Michael Myers of John Carpenter’s Halloween films was originally called “The Shape” in the first film, but was later addressed by his full name. A young boy committed to a psychiatric institute after murdering his older sister, he spends years there under the care of Dr. Sam Loomis until he manages to escape.He then returns to his old home town and starts killing other teenagers. Eventually Michael is stopped and supposedly killed… But like other horror icons he manages to escape and comes back more vengeful than ever. Spanning video game media, he appears as a DLC character for Call of Duty: Ghosts!


4. Chucky – Child’s Play

If you ever wanted to take a doll home… Be SURE it doesn’t possess the spirit of a serial killer. That’s what Charles Lee Ray did when he used a voodoo ritual to transfer his spirit into a “Good Guy” doll, thus becoming Chucky and tearing apart kid’s childhoods by actually killing whoever stands in his way. As the voodoo spell actually transforms the doll into a human, Chucky constantly searches for a REAL human body to transfer his soul into. Unfortunately he is time and again destroyed by those he chases… Yet somehow manages to return back in his damned “Good Guy” form.

pnhdpic 5. PinHead – Hellraiser

Pretty much the kind of evil that gives you dreadful thoughts of what could happen to your soul, Pinhead from Clive Barker’s “Hellraiser” was formerly a human who was disenchanted with humanity following his World War I service, so he decides to open the Lament Configuration – or Lemarchand’s box – through which if successfully opened leads to another plane of existence. As one of the Cenobites – Pinhead’s duty is to “collect souls” and actually guide his victims to that plane – which is usually perceived as “hell”.

So there you have it… Some of the “Horror Icons” that you can catch on classic films like Friday the 13th and Halloween this All Hallow’s Eve. If you have nothing better to do, give yourself a complete scare and watch these classics!