(WATCH) UnGeek Plays: The Park (Final) – THE TRUTH REVEALED!


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    This is it. We’re finally here.

    We’ve finally reached the end of our Halloween Playthrough and the end of Lorraine’s journey to find her son, Callum. Things get really creepy in this episode and we find out, bit by bit, exactly what the hell is going on in this place.

    Note: After the credits, I give my final thoughts on the game so check that out if you wanna hear it 🙂

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    If you haven’t watched the first two parts of this playthrough, we highly suggest you do so before watching this video or before scrolling down as we’ll be doing a recap of what happened on Episode 2 so consider this your…

    !!!SPOILER WARNING!!! Do not scroll past the Halloween Kitty if you don’t want to see spoilers on what happened on UnGeek Plays: The Park (P2). You have been warned.

    I r scary spoiler kat. Meow! :3
    I r scary spoiler kat. Meow! :3


    Okay. Here’s a quick recap. On the last video, Lorraine starts showing her true colors. We get the sense that as much as she’s determined to find Callum, she seems to harbor some ill will towards her child. We’re treated to a reflective ride on the Ferris Wheel where we’re told of her love life as well as her theory on when she got pregnant with Callum. On the roller coaster, we get a close encounter with the Bogeyman himself as he rides right behind us saying how Lorraine and Callum represents “everything this place doesn’t want – the antithesis of what we stand for”. We then find clues that point towards Lorraine’s probable depression as we encounter a bottle of pills that she claims is hers. Lorraine enters a drug-induced state after taking her pills and she chases after what seemed to be Callum. As soon as she runs after him though, she looks a her arms and, to her horror, multiple deep cut marks suddenly begin to form. She then passes out and the episode ends.

    Today, in the final episode of UnGeek Plays: The Park, we finally find out the truth behind all this – the Park, Lorraine’s past, and much much more.

    Hope you guys enjoyed this playthrough as much as I did. I’ll catch you all on the next video! 🙂

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