If you think the Star Wars Force Awaken hype has died down, wait till you get a load of this!

Flooding our feeds are these amazing Star Wars fan tributes. Most recent is a recut of various scenes from the Force Awaken trailers to the tune of Code Geass’s opening, Colors by FLOW. Check out the awesomeness below:

Now, if they can use the opening track for Attack on Titans that would be amazing!

But that’s not all that’s making the social media rounds, these two finely made fan films are making quite the splash as well!


The first one one, called Rebel Scum, takes place during the Rebel Alliance’s retreat from Hoth — that icy wasteland in the Empire Strikes Back. The production is particularly amazing –the use of stop-motion animation (instead of CGI) is a tremendous nod to old-school visual effects creation and pays a fitting tribute to the original films. What’s even more amazing is that the film was shot entirely on location. Yup, the actors and crew had to wade through -30°C (-22°F) of Canadian snow to come up with this 9-minute short.


In contrast to the cold-icy atmosphere of Hoth, Kara is set on the sandy dunes of an unnamed desert planet — we’re thinking Jakku because of the costumes. Kara and (probably her father) Marcus are caught in between a contained skirmish between a Rebel fighter and a handful of Sandtroopers.

Holy midi-chlorians was that mind-boggling or what?! With Star Wars The Force Awakens’ success, here’s hoping that more fans will be making these amazing video tributes for us to enjoy!


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