Begin transmission –

Здравствуйте (greetings)! Comrade, you’re probably aware of our previous progress report. We have now begun field testing of our subjects. The outcome is favourable.

                                                                                                                                                                   – end transmission

Oh look, it's the Winter Soldier..? :p
Oh look, it’s the Winter Soldier..? :p

Zaschitniki (aka Guardians) is a Russian Superhero movie where a secret military group called “Patriot” created an unbeatable squad of extraordinary people, however times have changed as the group went underground for a time. With its release date sometime in Winter 2017, it looks to be a long wait BUT do not fret for they did come up with a nifty new trailer focusing on one particular character –Khan.


Now that’s what I call “Shish keKHAN”! He looks like a cross between Riki and Magina from Dota! :p Below is a photo of the group with what seems to be an info graphic of their abilities & weapons.

"You said it yourself, b*tch! We're the Guardians of the Motherland!"
“You said it yourself, b*tch! We’re the Guardians of the Motherland!”

This film can’t come soon enough; also check out there instagram account. Until then we’ll have to settle for that other red superhero ^_^



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