Back in the day, I used to rush out of my classes in college to a nearby computer shop to play a few rounds of Counterstrike. Yes, in a way, I am giving up my age. While kids nowadays have League of Legends and DotA2, my friends and I had Counterstrike and Ragnarok Online; games that you could mostly only play in a computer shop because the interwebs was still on dialup. Fast-forward to 2016, where mobile game graphics are a far cry from a line of pixels that grew longer each time you collected a dot on the screen, and it seems like things have come to a full circle.

It was reported on Kotaku this morning that we will now be able to enjoy Counterstrike 1.6 on our mobile phones. The video below demonstrates how you can take on this classic FPS through your smartphone and play online multiplayer. Gone are the days of lugging your entire rig to a friends house for a LAN party.


The only downside though is that the controls look like a pain to master. What do you think of having Counterstrike available on your smartphones? Leave a comment below.


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