Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X Now Available on the App Store!


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    Reunite in Seal M

    KH fans rejoice! Square-Enix and Success just released their newest Free-to-Play (F2P) game for your mobile devices – Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X!


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    If you’re a fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, you know that this game mixes together iconic characters from both Square-Enix and Disney. In this game, players will have a chance to go back to the beginning of the Kingdom Hearts series, as this game will act as a prologue (before the Keyblade war) so newcomers can jump-in on the action without having to know all the previous fluff.

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    Here are some of the things you can expect in the game:

    • Battle against the Heartless using your legendary Keyblades. Tap to attack, swipe to hit multiple enemies, and flick medals to unleash their special abilities.
    • Strategize to defeat enemies in fewer turns for greater rewards by using your special attacks and finding the right balance of power, magic, and speed medals
    • Customize your hero by changing your avatar’s outfits to match your style of fashion. Be on the lookout for outfits based upon popular Disney, FINAL FANTASY and KINGDOM HEARTS characters, as well as seasonal clothing!
    • Collect and evolve hundreds of character medals, which contain the harnessed power of popular Disney and FINAL FANTASY heroes and villains.
    • Team up with friends to challenge and take down monstrous Heartless raid bosses for even greater rewards!
    • Survive the challenges in the Olympus Coliseum, where the strongest heroes can brave additional bosses and unlock the rare medals.


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    Having tried the game for a bit, I found the interface to be intuitive and responsive. You tap on the screen to move and attack. I especially like the special attacks from the “medals” that you can unleash by swiping on a character icon from the bottom left corner of the screen inward. To do these attacks though, you’ll have to gather “lux,” a resource that you get obtain by defeating enemies. According to Square-Enix, there will a lot of these medals (featuring different characters) included in the game and in future updates!


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    To those who are eagerly expecting Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PlayStation 4, you might want to check this game out. The game is currently available in the US (with Asia soon to follow) so if you have an account for your IOS device you shouldn’t have a problem. Check back here on UnGeekPH for all the latest news on gaming. Till next time!

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