Celebrating Indie Games at Casual Connect Asia 2016 – Day 2 Highlights


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    Reunite in Seal M

    Hard Rock Hotel, RW Sentosa, Singapore For those following the event,  Day 2 has just wrapped up… Here are some of the highlights on the 2nd day!


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    Taking the Fast Lane to China: Lean and Mean way to Succeed in China with your Mobile Game. The lecture was spearheaded by MYGAMEZ representative.


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    There was also a very interesting discussion about Indie Game Studio Survival. The panel was led by Allan Simonsen (Boomzap Entertainment), Gerald Tock (Inzen Studio), Ian Gregory (Witching Hour Studios) and moderated by Yan Marchal (Sanuk Games)

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    Like I said yesterdaythere were A LOT of games that participated for Indie Prize… So much that I didn’t have time to test out all of it! Today though I finally got the chance to make rounds to the different booths and try some games that I missed out the first time. Take a look at the titles I’ve tried:


    Image 4 Image 4a

    Slash Heroes by The Gentlebros Pte. Ltd (Mobile/Tablet) – An isometric action RPG with a really unique drawing mechanic to slash enemies.


    Image 5 Image 5a

    God Caster by Maxmuses (Mobile/Tablet PC, VR) – Real-time card game.


    Image 6 Image 6a

    Super SteamPuff by WeyrdWorks Studio (Mobile/Tablet, PC) – a frantic, adrenaline-charged curtain-scrolling shooter that embodies the core essences of competitive action games. Can be played single or up to 4 players.


    Image 7 Image 7a

    Will: What a Wonderful World by Liberal Gate (Mobile/Tablet, Console, PC) – An interesting take on the “visual novel mechanic” with puzzle elements thrown in.


    Image 8 Image 8a

    The Last Vikings by Springloaded (Mobile/Tablet, PC) – 2D Pixel-art style game where you are a bunch of Raiding Vikings, conquering villages. Has a neat in-game weapon customization tree.


    Image 9 Image 9a                                                             

    Flail Rider by Catpancake (Mobile/Tablet) – A colorful, fast-paced, top down arcade racing game where you must score the most points by driving a car with a well… Flail attached to it, destroying structures as you go along.


    Image 10

    Désiré by Sylvain Seccia – A point-and-click adventure game.


    Image 11 Image 11a

    Spotlight: Room Escape by Javelin – A point-and-click adventure/mystery/puzzle game. Reminded me of Myst.


    Image 12 Image 12a

    Daydream: The Beginning by Joyseed Gametribe (Mobile/Tablet) – A casual dexterity game.

    Now whose game will get top prize tomorrow? We’ll have to wait and see as the whole event comes to a close on Day 3. See you then!

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