Descent Road to Legend App Released!


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    Courtesy of Fantasy Flight Games

    It’s OUT! The much-awaited Road to Legend Companion App for Descent: Journeys in the Dark by Fantasy Flight Games has finally been released. Fellow heroes and devious Overlords rejoice as our adventures and rivalries reach new heights with all the goodies that this app brings on the table!


    As we covered in our recent article, the Road to Legend app boosts your gaming experience:

    • A handy way in keeping track of the game’s progress (like XP, gold, and items).
    • Allows for cooperative gameplay as it plays as the role of Overlord (maybe a prelude to Skynet?)
    • Gives us all new campaigns and adventures
    • It even has downloadable content lined up for release in the future!
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    App Menu

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    We were tinkering with the app, trying out some of its functionalities, and the bit we saw just blew our minds! Hidden underneath all these awesomeness, we found new travel encounters! This alone makes giddy to explore the app more… Maybe it would help to mention that one of these encounters featured our party’s bard having a head-banging musical showdown with another bard? Yep, you read that right. A battle… of MUSIC!

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    Wanna hear some even better news? The app is FREE for download! So what are you waiting for? Time to download this baby and try it out! Prepare for even more epic adventures ahead!

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    Archie Baylon
    Archie Baylon
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