Whats going on? ITS TOYCON 2016!

The 15th anniversary of TOYCON Philippines is ON, starting this weekend but it's an all new different kind of experience for 2016!

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This is it, pancit! The 15th anniversary of TOYCON Philippines is ON, starting this weekend but it’s an all new different kind of experience for 2016 as the winds of change is stirring TOYCON into a new phase of convention standards with its partnership with Pop! Life Entertainment.




This year, TOYCON PH will be at the SMX Convention Center Manila showcasing five (5) exhibits, celebrity meet and greets, cosplay competition, exclusive funko pop and toys, toys, toys, and MORE TOYS! Oh did I mention the toys, by the way?



Anyways, let’s start off with this Northern Irish actor Kristian Nairn better known for his role as Hodor in this HBO show you’re probably familiar with called Game of Thrones! Well, he is a big deal recently especially with the current GoT season with that one episode featuring his origin story BUT did you also know that he doesn’t just have one job?! He’s also a progressive house DJ!



Actor Dean Cain one half of the TV tandem of “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” who played four seasons as Clark Kent/Superman is also joining the celebrity parade. He currently plays the role of Jeremiah Danvers a brilliant scientist and adoptive father of Kara Danvers in CBS’ Supergirl!

But wait there’s more! You’ve got musical artists Hefron Drive, Frankie J, DJ Kazu,
Electric Ribbon and Yanakiku from Star Wars Attack of the Clones Daniel Logan, from Twilight Bronson Pelletier & Kiowa Gordon just to name a few.



Also our very own local stars are heading for TOYCON as well as the cast of the ENCANTADIA 2016 will be making a live appearance in the event as well. Magpapahuli ba tayo gais!



This year isn’t just about the celebrity eyeball. It’s also about the cool exhibits as well and what better way to showcase Voltes V 40th anniversary than for the show to have its own exclusive exhibit. But that’s not the only icon we’re giving homage to. Stan Lee’s Excelsior Exhibit includes his private collection of vintage comic covers, movie props, rare memorabilia, original artwork, and high-end collectibles. And if you can’t wait for August the Suicide Squad Movie exhibit will have to satisfy your anticipation for now.

But the buck doesn’t stop there as Legendary Graphic/Comic Artist for The Walking Dead and various Marvel titles Arthur Suydam and Award Winning USA Face & Body Artist Sammie Barkto will be on floor with the Zombie and Aliens Zone exhibit! And lets not forget Coolrain and Pat Lee as well!



Board game designer extraordinaire Eric Lang is also coming to Toycon 2016 brought to you by our friends at Gaming Library. With games like Chaos in the Old World, numerous LCGs like A Game of Thrones LCG, Call of Chtulhu, Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, XCOM the boardgame and the most recent Bloodrage under his belt of designed board games and is also currently designing BloodBorne: the Card Game, whats not to rave about? Absolutely nothing!



If you’re feeling competitive, well Toycon has competition – from cosplay tournaments like COSFANX to game tournaments like the Bloodrage and LCG Tournaments hosted by Gaming Library.


So what’re you waiting for? Get your tickets now!

1 DAY PASS – PHP 500
2 DAY PASS – PHP 800
3 DAY PASS – PHP 1,000

Or better yet get one of the two REALLY SPECIAL Passes so you can get your celebrity autographs and entrance to all 3 days of the event and much much more!



See you in the trails, Geeks!