Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Gear up for another big anime event as Coslandia 2019 is...

Free up your schedule at the start of November, and get ready as Coslandia 2019 is setting up to be one of the premier...

Voltes V 40th Anniversary Marathon Event in the Philippines

Lets volt-in together at the event!

Giordano wants you to Volt-In and celebrate 40 years of Super...

Let's. Volt. IN!!!!!! Tanantantanan-tantan...

Popsicle Games Showed Us their Super Giant Robot of a Game...

Take the fight against The Zidorians or summon your Kaiju's against the all mighty Daivolter Z -- defender of the Earth in Popsicle Game's latest idle game venture, Super Daivolter Z!

Goodbye life, entire VOLTES V and DAIMOS now on iflix! Woohoo!...

"BORUTESU FAIBU ni inochi wo kakete/ yuku zo shouri wo tsukamu made/ uchuu no yoake wa mou chikai" if you sang that, this one's definitely for you! :D

Let’s Volt In! Voltes V mobile game debuts on Google Play!

Get on the nostalgia train, and play the newly released Voltes V Android game. Now available in Google Play.

The EPIC Conclusion – Philippine ToyCon 2016 Day 3 Highlights

Its Day 3 of ToyCon 2016 and the final day goes out with bang!
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