Voltes V lands in Manila: DLC 1 for Super Robot Wars 30 is here!

DLC 1 for Super Robot Wars 30 went live on Nov 17, introducing 8 playable units and 30 additional missions, one of which is set in Manila.

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A priority mission appears on your screen.  A Dimensional Boundary Distortion emerges in the Philippines and suddenly a familiar robot figure appears on screen.  Kenichi is confused, they seem to have been sucked into a dimensional portal.  No matter, kikaiju threaten the city of Manila and the Super Electromagnetic Robot Voltes V has to protect the helpless.

DLC 1 for Super Robot Wars 30 went live on Nov 17, 2021, introducing 8 playable units and 30 additional missions.  The obvious star of this bunch is Voltes V, undoubtedly the most well known robot in the Philippines.  As a very fitting nod to this, Voltes appears in a mission located in Manila.

Just like mechas from the core game, you get to battle with Voltes V and its 5 pilot crew using popular moves such as the Voltes Bazooka and Heaven Sword (known locally as the Laser Sword).  You also get that iconic theme song so familiar to Filipinos.  But unlike the core game, all soundtracks from the DLC do not come with the (sung) words.  If you own the Steam (PC) version of the game though, you can customize battle soundtracks and add the full Voltes V theme with those catchy words.

Apart from the amazing robot on robot action, there is some interesting dynamic between Voltes V and Combattler V which should please fans of both series.  Here’s hoping we also get Daimos down the road to complete the Robot Romance Trilogy.

Aside from the iconic Voltes, DLC 1 also features mechas from Mobile Suite Gundam Char’s Counterattack, the Sakura Wars Series, and the Super Robot Wars OG Series.  All have well animated combat moves, interesting story arcs, and unique missions.

Super Robot Wars 30 is a turn based tactical action RPG. The base game and its DLC’s are available in all major gaming platforms; and for the first time, is available internationally.