Voltes V live-action adaptation set for 2020, new trailer released

Cautiously excited.

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As part of GMA-7’s surprise coming into the new decade, the network teased that a beloved Japanese super-robot will be making its return to Philippine television. Check out the trailer for Voltes V:


Titled Voltes V: Legacy, the series will have a fresh coat of paint with its live-action/CGI adaptation. It is also good to know that the show will be helmed by Mark Reyes (Encantandia) who is a really big fan of the original Chōdenji Machine Voltes V series.

Now to be really fair, that was actually a really good teaser, and the remix of both the opening and ending songs hits right on the nostalgia bone! On a personal note I am cautiously excited for this, I really do hope they do the original material justice!

Voltes V: Legacy will volt-in soon this year!