Goodbye life, entire VOLTES V and DAIMOS now on iflix! Woohoo! Hermit-mode ON!

"BORUTESU FAIBU ni inochi wo kakete/ yuku zo shouri wo tsukamu made/ uchuu no yoake wa mou chikai" if you sang that, this one's definitely for you! :D

ONE Store Beta Now Available

It seems like we have Votles V fever this past few days. With Xurpass announcing their Voltes V gameiflix, one of the leading Internet TV service for the emerging market, just added a slew of anime titles into their growing library of shows and part of that includes the Philippines’ most beloved Super Giant Robot show, VOLTES V!



Jump in on the nostalgia train in both ENGLISH and TAGALOG dub version! Yup, that’s right! That good ol’ 80’s/ early 90’s dubbing is a real gem!

Magaling! Mapapasaatin narin ang Daigdig! Mwahahaha!

Magaling! Mapapasaatin narin ang Daigdig! Mwahahaha!

iflix was kind enough to send us a binge package (and pretty much ruining any plans I had for the weekend) so we can fully immerse and enjoy our Voltes V marathon. But what if you finish the entire Voltes V series before the weekend runs out? What then, huh, iflix, what then?!


Only opened item 1 which is a Voltes V t-shirt! Fighting the urge not to rip through all the other items

Luckily, iflix’s partnership with Telesuccess Production gives members in the Philippines unlimited access to a whole slew of iconic cult favorites like Daimos, Hunter X Hunter, Fairy Tail and Tenjo Tenge. So if you get tired of Steve, Mark, Big Bert, Jamie and Little John, you can always switch gears to Richard and Erika.


The nostalgia is strong with this one


Moyase Moyase Makka ni moyase Ikaru kokoro ni hi wo tsukero

Moyase Moyase Makka ni moyase Ikaru kokoro ni hi wo tsukero…

According to iflix Philippines’ Content Head, Karen Zabaljauregui, iflix will continue to expand on curating more local, regional and international favorite titles for us to enjoy. Here’s wishing they get Ghost Fighter (Yu Yu Hakusho), Sailor Moon and Magic Knight Rayearth (all with Tagalog options please) so that I can be a shut-in permanently. :p

If you haven’t tried iflix yet, you should! They have a 30-day free trial where you can watch everything in their library. Simply head to or download their app at the App store or Google Play for free. To further encourage you to binge on some Super Giant Robot animes, iflix is giving away some cool 40th Anniversary Voltes V swags.


This is pretty much the binge-package that was sent to us. So yeah, you can have one yourselves! 😀

All you have to do is watch episodes of Voltes V from Sep 23-30 and the 10 subscribers with the most number of minutes watched get a special shirt & cap! Full mechanics can be found here.

Got that? Okay. Now if you’ll excuse me, I still have some binge-watching to do! 🙂