Plantronics Launches its Crazy Modular Gaming Headsets

Platronics, makers of wireless Bluetooth headsets for mobile devices, dip its dev into gaming peripherals and came up with 3 pretty niffty gaming headsets. Check them out!

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Plantronics, makers of wireless Bluetooth headsets for mobile devices, dip its dev into gaming peripherals and came up with 3 pretty niffty gaming headsets.

Officially launched last June 23 at the Conrad Hotel (yeahp the building that looks like a huge yacht across MOA), the brand highlighted their diverse portfolio of audio and headset solutions but also focused on their new gaming headset line, Plantronics RIG 500, 500HD and 500E for gaming and esports enthusiasts.

On stage

The RIG line thought of most of the gamer requirements including multiple access ports (USB or 3.5mm jack) and noise-cancelling boom mics that mute when you flip them up. Out of the 3 offerings, we were able to fiddle with the 500E (their eSports variant) during the launch event.

Plantronics RIG 500E


One of the things that intrigued us about Plantronic’s RIG line is how ridiculously modular it is. Being able to customize the cup, connection ports and other peripherals, the RIG line is designed to fit in any gamer’s lifestyle.

The headsets are pretty light as well, weighing under 200 grams and fitted with either noise-isolating soft-leather earcups or vented mesh-earcups, you pretty much have headset that can withstand extremely long gaming hours.

Plantronics RIG 500E_c

There’s also a detachable (and retractable) boom mic that mutes when you swing it upwards (which is a feature found in all RIG line) giving you more control over how you want to progress with your gaming.


We tested the unit for a bit and sound quality-wise it delivers good performance. Even amidst the echoing chambers of the Conrad Hotel function hall, we were still able to hear the game sound and effects perfectly. Even with the mesh cup (and not the noise-canceling ones) installed on the 500E and the mic not calibrated to the game, it still was able to block a significant amount of ambient noise. Comfort-wise the vented mesh cups are divine on your ears. Super light and breathable, the cups are designed to provide less fatigue even with prolonged wearing.

Plantronics RIG 500E_b

Design-wise we were pleased with the sleek, aerodynamic design of the 500E. One concern we had, though, was the wire used. We felt that for the price of Php 6,995.00 and for all the features packed in this headset, Plantronics would fit this one with some anti-tangle wires. Instead we get the usual wire found in most low to mid-tier headsets and sound systems.

Endorsed by ESL even

Aside from those small bumps, the RIG 500E is one of the most modular gaming headsets there is. Highly-customizable with interchangeable key components (like the ear cups, USB or analogue connection and detachable boom mic)  meticulously used with gaming in mind, the RIG series from Plantronics is a welcome addition to the eSports and gaming enthusiasts’ arsenal.

RIG 500 priced at SRP 2,995.00

RIG 500HD priced at SRP 3,795.00

RIG 500E priced at SRP Php 6,995.00

For more info, visit the Official Website of Plantronics.