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Digital Freebies come to you with ASUS ROG’s Great Gears, Well...

Great gaming gears with freebies from ASUS ROG!

Get your Game Face on with some D.Va Razer Gaming Gear!

Your ultimate will be ready with these Razer D.Va-inspired gaming peripherals!

Get a chance to become a Gaming God with the ASUS...

Hop on down to the ASUS ROG Masters Philippine Finals this weekend and get a chance to gain god-like gaming powers!

Convergence of Style and Substance, the ASUS fx502vm is one of...

Style and Substance collide in this uber dapper-looking gaming laptop from ASUS.

AOC and AGON take the AG322FCX feature spotlight to new heights...

AOC and Agon team up with 20th Century Fox to bring you Assassin's Creed! Did you get to catch this in cinemas? Did you see their display?

Hi, Christmas Bonus! Meet your new friend, the all-new ASUS FX502!

Just in time for the holiday splurge, check out this ultra portable laptop from Asus that will answer your computing and gaming needs, it's the perfect combination of power and style on the go!

A Look at the Sheer Awesomeness of The Predator booth |...

The Predator was on the prowl again and this time it made an appearance at ESGS 2016! Predator, the gaming brand from Acer, went all out once again and can we just say that their booths are always beastin'!

The Asus Strix wireless headset is pure ear candy!

You've got a great rig to play all of your games at ultra settings and it would be such a shame if you didn't have an awesome 7.1 headset to go along with it! Find out how the Strix 7.1 wireless gaming headset performed for us and if it is worth your hard earned money.

The Big Kahuna: Asus PG27AQ Review

This is one helluva gaming monitor! Whew!

Gaming Gear Review: The Asus VC239H aka “Monitor ng Bayan!”

Looking to upgrade to a sensible 1080p monitor without breaking the bank? Ungeek looks at ASUS' all-purpose pc monitor, the Asus VC239H!
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