Vertux has landed in the Philippines: Here’s a look at its gaming peripherals lineup

Vertux is a new gaming brand that has just landed in the Philippines, and here's a quick look at some of Vertux's new gaming peripherals.

Back in March, Vertux officially launched in the Philippines, and this new brand has an impressive lineup of gaming peripherals, ranging from gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, and more. These new peripherals promise good build quality and gaming performance, all while being fairly affordable. On top of this, Vertux devices in the Philippines come with a two year warranty.

Recently, we got to try out some of Vertux’s new gaming peripherals. Specifically, we were able to try out a gaming mouse, mousepad, keyboard, microphone, headset, headphone stand, and a cooling pad. All of these Vertux peripherals feature distinct designs, and most come with RGB lighting!

The first peripheral we got to try out was the Vertux Katana, a wired gaming mouse with a honeycomb design, making it a lightweight mouse that weighs only 65 grams–a great match for FPS gamers (for those flicks). The Katana also features easy DPI adjustment (up to 6400 DPI) and adjustable RBG lighting; plus, it promises to be a durable mouse that you can use for quite some time.

Next is the Vertux SwiftPad-L, a large gaming mouse with a wear-resistant and micro-textured cloth surface, meaning it should provide a smooth gaming experience. The pad also has a large surface area, making it a good match for games where you need quick action movements like competitive shooters. On top of these, the mouse pad is also RGB backlit, with 13 lighting modes to boot.

Now we have the Vertux Tantalum, a full-size mechanical gaming keyboard with RGB lighting. The Tantalum comes with Outemu Blue Switches (which should have a similar feel as Cherry MX Blue switches) which promise faster actuation and satisfying tactile feedback with a clicky sound for every key press. The Tantalum also has 100% anti-ghosting keys, as well as a generous wrist rest for comfort, even in marathon gaming sessions.

Vertux also released a gaming headset in the Philippines called the Havana. The Vertux Havana is a headset which features 50mm drivers, a microphone, an in-line controller with volume and mute buttons, and RGB lighting on the earcups. The Havana is also compatible with a variety of platforms, including PC, PS5/PS4. Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One, and Switch thanks to its USB-A and 3.5mm connectors.

Already have a pair of headphones? Vertux has a dedicated gaming mic–the VertuMic-1. This mic has a flexible neck for easy adjustability, as well as one-touch control. The VertuMic-1 is also plug and play, meaning you won’t be hassled with a complicated setup to use it for gaming or for Zoom calls.

Unlike the previous peripherals, the Vertux Extent is a 3-in-1 device. While the Extent is a headphone stand, it is also a mouse bungee (to keep your wired mouse cable secure), as well as a USB hub which gives you two USB-A ports. Finally, the Extent also comes with LED lights with a one-touch control button.

Finally, we have the Vertux Glare, a Laptop stand and cooling fan designed for up to 17-inch laptops. The Glare has a fan that can run at up to 800 revolutions per minute; this should help keep your gaming laptop cool, even when playing demanding titles. The pad also has a fan speed controller for easy adjustment, as well as LED lights at the front and back.

For more on Vertux, visit, or check out its official social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.