Come Walk With Us At APCC 2016


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    Yet again the time has come for our geek culture to gather and shine at a special place we call AsiaPop ComiCon, BIGGER and with more to offer! Come walk with us as we go out and see how APCC 2016 got better from last year.

    First thing you see after entering, why? because eventually they’ll buy and own everything bwahaha!

    For context, APCC 2016 starts at 11:00 AM and ends at 8:00 PM and the events within the con are well spread out and varied, able to cater to a diverse demographic, no matter what geeky stuff you might be looking for.

    Learn the ways of the force in this arena of Jedi warriors teaching young padawans. note: lost of limbs is a possibility, you have been warned.

    There are 3 things that are most notable to look forward to at APCC 2016, they are events, vendors, and celebrities.  Each one certainly did not to disappoint even the most hardcore geeks and fan, from unique and limited edition collectible toys, the newest and most fashionable clothes, up and coming young artists exhibiting their talents, and the hottest celebrities from Game Of Thrones and Stranger Things to name a few.

    Toys for the serious fans, the Transformer movies might be bad, but there’s no denying Optimus Prime never look so good.
    Signs that the board gaming hobby is on the rise here, it’s never been easier to find that perfect game for you.
    Veterans of the industries from renowned comic book artist and famous cosplayers.
    Wrestling and organize video game tournament, guys how can you possibly be bored?
    Being a rotting, shambling zombie isn’t so bad if you get to serve this version of Liliana Vess right? All hail the mistress of the undead!
    Who’s at APCC 2016? Well, see for yourselves!
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    These are but a fraction of what you can expect at APCC 2016, and you can safely bet there’s more to see, from glow in the dark t-shirt, indie artists whose talents you can’t believe aren’t mainstream, Marvel and DC galore, and all things considered geek stuff you can find here.  APCC 2016 is bigger and better, and next year will continue the same trend, it’s a good time to be a GEEK! Are you one? Then prove it and come join us at APCC 2016! See you there!

    Pocket Monster Truck, POKEMOTRUCK! This Pikachu picks Gyarados off his bumper like nobody’s business, if you hear this one go “pika pika” you better be running!
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    An Introverted Optimist
    An Introverted Optimist
    Considered a casual geek or a geek lite, "Jack of all trade, master of none", with an interest and know-how in a myriad of subjects despite having the memory capacity very old computer, known to be borderline introvert and foolishly optimistic hence the epithet, please enjoy the articles, its fun making them.


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