SEGA Etrian Odyssey
SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    Take a Look Inside the FUN-tastic Awesomeness of the Animax Carnival 2016!


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    Reunite in Seal M

    On its 6th year, Animax Carnival 2016 (ACPH 16) have served bigger and better FUNtastic event last October 15 and 16 at the SMX Convention Center Halls 1 and 2.



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    Animax brought the four seasons of Japan to be enjoyed by its attendees through various booths and activities. Notably, these includes the Edo traditional games, several Cosplay and sword-making workshops, having a chance to tryout Playstation 4 VR, the first-ever Maid Cafe, and celebrity performances and interviews in the Entertainment Hall.

    Animax City Autumn Hall

    Upon entering Hall 1,  con-goers were “transported” to the Animax City Autumn Hall, which includes the Animax City Stage, Sponsor Booths, and the Oo-kun Merch Store.

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    The Animax City Stage is the place to be to catch the sponsors contests / segments and the several Cosplay and sword-making workshops.

    At the Animax Autumn Stage with MoguMogu


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    At the Animax City Autumn Stage, Eri (segment host) vs. Saitama Arm Wrestling showdown


    In addition, located in the same hall, several sponsor booths could be found like UFC, MoguMogu, Toyota, Yuneoh, Cignal, and Sony.

    UFC Color Craze


    Attendees got a treat of trying out several PS games at the Sony booth.

    At the Sony booth


    …. even the much-anticipated PlayStation VR games. Eager attendees lined up to try this one out!

    PlayStation VR at the Sony booth


    Attendees could also treat themselves to shop-exclusive OO-Kun merchandise at the OO-Kun merch store. (so fluffy plushie!!) 

    At the Oo-kun merch store


    so fluffy Oo-kun plushie!

    Edo – Japan Spring Hall

    Heading to the Edo – Japan Spring Hall, attendees were able enjoy and try out four (4) Edo traditional games namely: Fuku Warai (lucky laugh), Hanetsuki (badminton without net), Tosengkyo (throwing-fan-amusement), and Koma (spinning tops).

    The first 2,000 participants each day were able to get a prize by completing any three Edo traditional games.



    Tosenkyo, the throwing-fan-amusement.


    Hanetsuki, the badminton without net


    Koma, the spinning top


    Channeling their inner Japanese, attendees were also able to have their photo taken while wearing a Yukata (a light cotton kimono) with an obi sash, organized by the Japanese Embassy. 

    Yukata (浴衣?) is a Japanese garment, a casual summer kimono
    Yukata (浴衣?) is a Japanese garment, a casual summer kimono.


    Cosplayer in Yukata

    Animax City Summer Hall

    More fun booths and activities greeted us at the Animax City Summer Hall,.

    Attendees were able to sing their heart out at the Oo-kun Karaoke,



    … and get their creative juices flowing at the Oo-kun Creative Corner!



    Animax Carnival also hosted its first Maid Cafe. Attendees were able to enjoy delightful afternoon tea and fun games.

    The Maid Cafe @ ACPH 16
    The Maid Cafe @ ACPH 16


    Inside the Maid Cafe @ ACPH 16
    Inside the Maid Cafe @ ACPH 16

    (Read more article about “Inside the Maid Cafe @ ACPH 16“)


    and of course, the con experience is not complete with out its merchandise booths!








    Winter Entertainment Hall

    The Stage at the Winter Entertainment Hall


    Both Day 1 and 2 of the Carnival, the Winter Entertainment Hall was packed with people as they enjoyed the Cosplay Competition Final Judging, celebrity interviews and performances of ELISAyanaginagi, Ami Wajima, and May’n which were hosted by Rhianna Floresca and Glaiza De Castro.

    Interview with Japanese Singer ELISA


    Hosts Rhianna Floresca and Glaiza De Castro, with a Animax Cosplay contestant


    Animax Cosplay Contestant as Saitama


    Grand winner “Team Chicken Crispy Sandwich” for Edo Carnival Inspired


    Excited attendees lined-up to catch the performances of ELISAyanaginagi, Ami Wajima, and May’n



    Check-out this out, the concert of May’n at Day 2 of ACPH16 posted in her Facebook page

    We are in the Phonic Nation󾌾󾬏Beautiful voices!!#lalala #concert #Philippines #acph16 #mayn

    Posted by May'n on Sunday, October 16, 2016


    Such a FUN-tastic way to end the joyous festivity that was the Animax Carnival 2016.  See you next year!


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