The Future is NOW! (Well Tomorrow Actually) Take a Look at the PlayStation VR!

Out of the three VR peripherals currently fighting for virtual supremacy, the PlayStation VR is considerably the cheapest among its brothers. But does is stack up in terms of quality? Check out the details here!

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For a while back before the announcement of the PlayStation VR I was worried that virtual reality (VR) was going to be something that can only be fully experienced to those who have a high-end PC (via Oculus Rift and HTC Vibe), but having tried a lot of demos from the final consumer version of the PS VR headset, I’m happy to say that console players are also getting it good as well!

With that said, the PS VR is soon upon us! Tomorrow (October 13, 2016) to be exact! Are you excited?

Check out the specs:




Out of the 3 peripherals mentioned, the PS VR is considerably the cheapest among its brothers. The suggested retail price is PHP 22,900 while The PlayStation VR and PlayStation Camera bundle will be at PHP 25,290.  Here is what you will get, as there are 2 packages you can choose from:

The Basic Playstation VR bundle at PHP 22,900 SRP:


Playstation VR with Playstation Camera Bundle at PHP 25,290 SRP:




Wearing the peripheral works like this, rather than strapping the device front of your face, the PSVR headpiece hangs down like a hat that goes around the crown of your head. Once placed, you can adjust the fit via a knob next to the button.

The headset itself is quite comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time. Those who wear glasses will not have troubles with the device as well, so you don’t have to remove them.

Let’s take a look at some of the accessories you can add to get that full VR experience.



The Move Controller is no stranger to the hardware as it was released 6 years ago for the PlayStation 3 to catch-up to the Nunchucks of the Wii. Here though it breathed new life for the PS VR as it is now used for a lot of games slated for the hardware.



To get the full experience though, aside from the Move Controllers, I would suggest going for the complete package and get the Playstation Camera as well. Sure it will set you back a bit, but compared to the competition, it is still relatively cheaper. My only concern for this is that there is only one camera to track what is happening, so it might have a hard time following your movement  when things get all “acrobatic.” Though I haven’t encountered that type of problem when I tried some demo games for the device, it can still pose as problem.



In closing, more than 60 PS VR software titles are confirmed to be launched in Asia. So there are a lot of games to choose from, even on launch day. For a list of games to look out for, you can check out this article. And for a list of authorized dealers rolling out the PS VR, you might want to go through your friendly local game stores below:


Happy virtual gaming!