Trick or Treat? Pokémon GO Halloween Perks & its first seasonal event.


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    Halloween is fast approaching, and our friends from Niantic Labs has special treat to all Pokémon players around the world.

    Starting from October 26 to November 1,  selected Pokémons will spawn more frequently — the Spooky ones! Complete your Pokédex with Gastly, Haunter, Gengar , Drowzee, Hypno, Zubat and Golbat, who’ll appear more often than usual.

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    Spooky Pokemons to spawn more frequently on Oct 26 to Nov 1. (Image source: Bulbapedia)
    Spooky Pokemons to spawn more frequently on Oct 26 to Nov 1. (Image source: Bulbapedia)


    In addition,  players get to earn double the amount of Candy every time they catch, hatch, transfer Pokémons, and the reward you get when walk your Buddy Pokémon during the event.

    Seems on October 26 to Nov 1, is the best time to use your remaining Lucky Egg to maximize your XPs reward in hatching, transferring, and/or catching Pokémon, and (finally) reach the next level.

    Download the latest version of Pokémon GO (Android 0.43.3 / iOS 1.13.3) via

    Download on the App Store


    And start collecting Pokéballs, eggs, and list down and strategize the Pokémons you wish to transfer before the 26th. Enjoy the Halloween with Pokémon GO!

    Happy hunting this Halloween, everyone!


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    1. Great event indeed but sadly, playing Pokemon Go has been frustrating to play here in Philippines due to frequent GPS, connection lag and network problem while you walk around trying to find and catch that rare Pokemon you just found. it is unbearable to experience multiple times of getting a network error at that moment you are trying to catch a Pokemon and by the time the connection resumes, you’ll be pissed to miss that opportunity while other people around you are celebrating. the last thing you’ll do was cuss over a poor network and service of the ISP.

      • I used to be on Sun post-paid and was experiencing the troubles you mentioned in your post. I then switched to Globe pre-paid and things went more swimmingly. I would only rarely experience GPS problems when I am inside (some) buildings.


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