Monday, September 28, 2020
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Be a Hero in this “DARNA” Card Game, or Just Swallow...

Our very own local superheroine gets her own card game in the same vein as Love Letter!

The Infection is Spreading! | Raxxon Review Part 2: Setup and...

Welcome back to part 2 of our ongoing review for Raxxon! Here we teach you all you need to know to survive the zombie outbreak. We got you covered from setup to gameplay!

One Heck of a Ride! | UNFAIR Boardgame Review

Well this a breath of fresh air! From Good Games Publishing and recently picked up by Cool Mini Or Not comes a game with a theme that I don’t see very often in tabletop. Ride with UnGeek and check out our review of Unfair! (Yes that’s two Un’s in one sentence, woo-hoo!)

John Hanke, Creator of Pokémon GO, is attending the “Pokémon Fest:...

The creator of Pokemon GO, John Hanke is in the Philippines? Are the rumors true?

Pokémon GO update is now available! Egg Patterns, Icons, and more!...

A new update of Pokémon GO is now available, check out the new features of the latest update.

Trick or Treat? Pokémon GO Halloween Perks & its first seasonal...

Starting Oct 26 to Nov 1, let Pokémon GO be your trick or treat companion to catch Ghost and Spooky Pokémons, and maximize earning Candies!

The Newest Pokémon GO Update (10-11-2016) is Finally Announced! | Catch...

Details of the upcoming Pokémon GO Update - Catch Bonus, Gym Improvements, and more!

Upcoming Pokémon Go Update Lets You Get More XP in Gyms!

The Gym System of Pokémon GO is getting an upgrade with the upcoming update!

Government Officials that got Caught playing Pokémon GO while at Work!

Politicians caught on camera playing Pokémon GO while at Work!

New Pokémon GO upcoming Update lets you Catch Rare Monsters a...

Upcoming new feature of Pokémon GO will Make Catching Rare Monsters a little bit Easier
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