Overwatch New Short ‘Infiltration’ featuring SOMBRA and Full Official Abilities List Just Released!

The mystery has been unraveled! Blizzard releases a new Sombra Animated Short and her Official Ability List!

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Fresh off Blizzcon 2016, the latest animated short of Overwatch is out and the spotlight is on the mysterious SOMBRA! Watch this epic video entitled “INFILTRATION”.


Also starring Reaper and Widowmaker, we finally get to see Sombra in action and she looks sooo good! Story-wise, while she may be part of Talon, Sombra seems to have her own agenda.


Hacking like a boss



So stealthy!


She also got a second short – her Origin Story, this time.


Lastly, they also released a Gameplay Trailer for Sombra. Watch her own an enemy Lucio!


In a previous article, we reported on a rumored skill build for Sombra. Today, we finally drop all speculations and get it OFFICIAL! We now have a full list of Sombra’s abilities (taken from the PlayOverwatch site)!




Those skills look AMAZING! She has good mobility with her Translocator and Thermoptic Camo abilities letting her get around the field and back-stab her foes with her other disabling abilities. Hack is a straight up disable of foes’ abilities as well as some first aid kids. Her Ultimate, EMP, also looks devastating as it can disable hero skills, barriers, and shields! I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say OMG, I’M SO HYPED AND I CAN’T WAIT TO USE HER!

They even shared her background story:



The wait is almost over! Sombra comes to the PTR next week along with a new map called “Oasis” and a new “Arcade mode”. See you in the battlefield, guys!